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pig animation

2015-11-27 01:39:53 by KamikazePanda


 Something quick I did, need more practice.
Felt compelled to animate this.

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2011-01-31 17:53:30 by KamikazePanda




2010-11-09 20:34:34 by KamikazePanda

Workin on a flash portfolio for MIT, hoping to join a summer program with them and meet programmers, work on games, etc. This Christmas me and Nayhan will release a game in which you play as Rudolph in gameplay similar to mega man and you try to overthrow Santa's workshop.

Im also working on a ton of art.

Got a idea for a graphic novel, Ive already done one WHOLE panel. &lots of studies and stuff, heres some hitlers for the comic

Skateboard designs

I want to really revive some of my game ideas, I have about 10 or so ideas that could be made into flash games, for some fancy profit. My flash portfolio here:
(out dated)

I always make posts like this.




2010-09-02 12:39:25 by KamikazePanda

Well, I know probably in the course over two years only maybe a handful will read this.

Anyways, I havent forgotten about flash, the internet is a market i want to exploit in the future with fancy shitty games.

I have two comic ideas ill be working on this year, and a friend of mine who will probably be one of the great illustrators of our future, is working on another idea of mine. Which I will turn into a flash game one day.

The game will be stylized like viewtiful joe. No programmer pals yet.
It will be epic, might start working on that next year....sadly im a slowpoke, and work alot, and hopefully by than ill have some bearings for some sort of educational school thing, & less hours at my job.

I <3 MasterAardvark

New and improved

2010-03-22 22:34:18 by KamikazePanda

Ill be posting atleast one caricature a day, on a day that I work that is, hopefully I can keep it up.
Daily portfolio

Got a good sketch in there from today! CHECK ER OUT


2010-03-21 01:43:14 by KamikazePanda

Doin lots of art! Practicing exaggeration on seaworld guests, its fun. I didnt take any pictures yesterday, we had a rush of sales. Check out my art
Seans digital art, and sketches

Ive improved alot scince last summer, and starting this summer, ill be learning even more as the days go.

I also have been struggling with a lady friend, dont know if love drives you crazy, but i feel insane.


Arts and farts

2010-02-17 01:15:31 by KamikazePanda

EDIT-Yea internet explorer definitely wont let you post art on Newgrounds, i knew this before, finally transfer-ed to Mozilla, and uploaded some art, just want to confirm 100% thats the problem incase maybe someone sees this. Cheerio.

I cant upload art to the portal however, the page after i submit says theirs a site error or my connection to internet... poo.

Did a Paladin caricature, the guy who does most of the art for the behemoth, preety much all of it.
Im proud of this peice, the likeness, body's posture, and simplicity, any feedback?
more art

Arts and farts


2009-12-24 00:26:21 by KamikazePanda

Level one of our winter game, me and nayhan's, rocks. The first boss seems unbeatable, but were working on it, i think we should release it in either july, or next december.


2009-12-05 02:12:41 by KamikazePanda

The winter game is coming along great, .nayhan is a good little programmer, he programmed a replica the back to the future, it was fun until we had to give back the raptor eggs. The game is coming along nicely, its just about to leave its baby infancy stage id say.

Its good practice for animation.
So this will kep me tied up for a bit, than ill work on beararms with mr thomas.


2009-12-02 01:37:31 by KamikazePanda

Im working with Icyknuckle on a great sidescrolling beat em up, and nayhan on a classic sidescroller christmas game.

I hope these games get finished! The christmas one shouldnt be too difficult, infact i tihnk itll be easy, but woah i got alot of work to do on the other one.

My user image is done by ken knafou Hes awsome! Check out other awsome artists drawing other artists for practice, if youd like to be drawn check out:


Other artists draw eachother for practice and fun, if your into caricatures, or just drawing, its good practice.